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important world update:
Gaza + Palestine are under attack by Israel, death toll currently at 27 :(
This has been a long and destructive period between Israel + Palestine. If anyone has any reliable sources to learn more about what’s going on at this current moment, please let me know

The Guardian: Israel pounds Gaza with air and naval strikes in move against Hamas
Al Jazeera: Israel steps up deadly Gaza Strip offensive; at least 27 dead, 130 wounded
New York Times: Israel and Hamas Trade Attacks as Tension Rises
RTE News: Israel launches major offensive against Hamas
BBC: Israel ‘ready for escalation’ of Gaza conflict





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important world update:

Gaza + Palestine are under attack by Israel, death toll currently at 27 :(

This has been a long and destructive period between Israel + Palestine. If anyone has any reliable sources to learn more about what’s going on at this current moment, please let me know


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Tumbr - 

A dear friend, writer, and Oregon black scholar, Walidah Imarisha, has had her work lifted without her consent and used to crowdsource and fund a documentary called Whitelandia. Whitelandia is supposed to be a movie about Oregon’s exceptionally racist history. Unfortunately the white film makers have built their entire work off the backs of black scholars and generations worth of black historians but have done little of their own research.

Walidah had this to say about Tracy MacDonald and Matt Zudrow, but I’m just going to quote a snippet:

And more than just using a clip of my program without permission, the producers stated several times, in our one face-to-face meeting as well as in various emails, that my timeline, my research and my analytical framework I put forward in my public scholarship form the spine of their film. Again, without my input or even knowledge. This situation, where my work as a Black female scholar has been used by two white filmmakers without conversation, credit, compensation or control reeks of intellectual colonialism. 

She continues:

My other concern is that this film raised a significant amount of money on a kickstarter using the faces, voices and stories of people who were not asked, and did not agree to it. I did not agree to be part of this project, and certainly not a part of a kickstarter campaign. It seems the majority of their money came from small donations, funded by everyday people who believe this is a vital topic that needs to be explored and shown on a larger level. People who thought they were funding a film rooted in and deeply connected to communities of color in Oregon, which unfortunately is not the case.

Here’s is Whitelandia’s facebook page. 

And here are the producer’s public contact info (I did not dig for this, this was openly available). Please write them and let them know that what they’re doing is hurtful to Oregon’s community of color, and that we are deeply saddened to see them profit off black bodies while simultaneously not allowing them credit or profit from the work they create. Although their intentions may be good, this does not absolve them from their profoundly racist behavior.  Please write to:

Tracy MacDonald ( (503-490-4054)

Matt Zudrow ( (503-890-8132) 

For the rest of Walidah’s take down on the issue, please read her response to Whitelandia at her website here

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"My father got sick when I was 22… and I was poor. And my father had an ulcer, and it exploded, and, you know, all these toxins get in your blood - and basically, my father died 50 days after his ulcer. So I had a father get sick while I was poor. My mother got sick while I was rich. I don’t really wanna get into to it, but my mother was sicker than my father, okay? And my mother’s alive. My mother’s fine, okay?

I remember going to the hospital to see my mother and wondering, was I in the right place? Like, this is a hotel! Like, it had a concierge, man! …If the average person really knew the discrepancy in the healthcare system, there’d be riots in the streets, okay? They would burn this motherfucker down."
CHRIS ROCK, responding to host Bill Maher asking if he ever went to the emergency room as his primary healthcare provider, on Real Time
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"The language forged by black people in this country, on this continent…got us from one place to another. We described the auction block. We described what it meant to be there. We survived what it meant to be torn from your mother, your father, your brother, your sister. We described it. We survived being described as mules, as having been put on earth only for the convenience of white people. We survived having nothing belonging to us, not your mother, your father, not your daughter, not your son. And we created the only language in this country."
James Baldwin, Black English: A Dishonest Argument (via theeducatedfieldnegro)

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"It’s so completely absurd, if it wasn’t so tragic."
—Professor Lessig
Streaming now on Amazon, iTunes, and Vudu. You have no excuse.  


"It’s so completely absurd, if it wasn’t so tragic."

Professor Lessig

Streaming now on Amazon, iTunes, and Vudu. You have no excuse.  

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"All wars are bankers’ wars."
Michael Rivero 

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We waste about one third of all the food produced in the world. Bees are dying, monocultures are dominating agriculture, knowledge gets lost, many people eat alone and don’t know how to cook any more. Kids don’t see food growing any more. Our supply of phosphates - an essential ingredient for artificial fertilisers - is running out and without it we might not be able to feed the growing world population. Chicken in intensive farms get more antibiotics than needy children in developing countries. Oceans are damaged, fresh water supplies are getting short, oil is running out.

Fortunately we also see a big group of young people getting into action and trying to find different ways to change the food chain and to change our perception to food. I could even say that there might be a food revolution coming up. And we need one.

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Shoutout all the men with normal blogs, normal meaning not porn blogs…the men who blog a wide variety of content that appeal to their various types of interests & not solely to their libido..I appreciate y’all for figuring out that tumblr can be used for more than getting your dick hard & creeping on women you’ll never be worthy of - Respect

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Change is coming.

this is the best picture on tumblr 

I love this so much

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"There would be far less suffering amongst mankind, if men — and God knows why they are so fashioned — did not employ their imaginations so assiduously in recalling the memory of past sorrow, instead of bearing their present lot with equanimity."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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29 years ago on this day, May 13, 1985, the U.S. dropped a bomb on the members of MOVE in Philadelphia killing 11 people, including 5 children.

The MOVE organization was a Philly based black liberation movement that was adamant about revolution & advocated a ‘back to nature’ lifestyle. The MOVE organization lived communally, frequently engaged in public demonstrations & vowed to lead lives uninterrupted by government, police or technology. MOVE was founded by John Africa & its members also adopted the surname ‘Africa’, vegan diets & were passionate about animal rights.

Since MOVE’s inception, they were seen as a threat to the Philly Police Department & in 1978, police raided their Powelton Village home. The raid resulted in the death of 1 police officer and the beating and arrest of 9 MOVE members. Afterwards, they relocated to the infamous house on 6221 Osage St. 

On May 13, 1985, more than 500 police officers surrounded MOVE’s fortified house in West Philly, to serve arrest warrants on its members. After a gun battle during which the police failed to dislodge the group, a police helicopter was dispatched over the MOVE house and dropped 2 bombs. The Philly Fire Dept delayed putting out the flames at MOVE’s house stating that they, “didnt want to put their men in harms way”. The explosion from the bombs started a fire that destroyed MOVE’s house & 60 other houses, leaving 250 people homeless. 11 MOVE members, including 5 of their children were killed. Only Michael and Ramona Africa, an adult in the group, survived. 

Names & ages of the 5 MOVE kids killed by Philly police in the 1985 bombing: 
Tomasa - 7 
Delicia - 9 
Phil - 10 
Netta - 11 
Tree - 13

To learn more about the 1985 MOVE bombing in Philly, read PBS’ article, here: 

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Remember that time when Hobby Lobby’s owner had ~*religious objections*~ to selling Jewish Hanukkah and Passover items?

I eagerly await for the time when a Muslim owned business tries to impose it’s constitutionally protected “religious freedoms” over Christian employees…I am soo certain the US Supreme Court will stand right behind them too😒

Color me not surprised.

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